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Value for Money Hunts
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Overseas clients select hunting operations for a number of reasons, but you would think the main reason would be they were the cheapest. Wrong; the cheapest deal often sees the arching of an eyebrow, a hard stare, the raising of hairs on the back of the neck, and a quick walk in the opposite direction. Clients know that cheap often means two dollar noodles, a rough bush camp, a money hungry wannabe guide, a beat up truck, limited or poor game populations, and competition from local hunters on public land.

It is not surprising that the most important question a client asks of an outfitter when attending a SCI Convention is, “why should I pick you?’ Great question, as competition is intense with scores of kiwi companies to choose from. The answer to that question must be honest, because liars are always outed.

After the hunt is booked, the outfitter often asks a question of his own. ”Why did you pick us?’ The most common answer is, “You gave off good vibes. I trust you, I didn’t trust some of the others and I know I’m going to enjoy hunting with you”. So there it is. Value for money comes down to getting what you were promised. No surprises or disappointments on arrival, and no added costs you were never briefed about. Good operations like Poronui see repeat clients return over and over because going elsewhere is like changing families. Value for money often means the ‘good vibes hunt’ ends up not being just good but great, because you hadn’t factored in that the rest of the hunting operation are as warm and friendly as the one you booked with.

Travelling hunters are savvy individuals. They are usually very successful in their working field, often used to leading not following, often prosperous, and can smell a rat at a hundred paces. They love hunting so expect the selected operation to have quality trophies, stimulating hunts, good lodging and plenty of ambience. The prices charged may be higher than some others but as long as the cost has been justified in an honest and forthright manner back at the time of booking there is no issue.

Hunt well, sleep well, eat and drink well, laugh deeply, and return home refreshed is the ultimate goal.

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