Rusa have thrived on the mosaic of forest.

With keen senses and a cautious approach to life, the Rusa is seldom seen far from cover, particularly outside of early morning or late evening. A native of the Islands of Java, Rusa have thrived on the mosaic of forest, brush and grasslands found at Poronui. The distinctive trophy head with long even points is incredibly eye catching.

Our Rusa are demanding increased attention as hunters become aware of the quality of the Poronui herd. Allow a bit of extra time to hunt Rusa, as they rarely come easy.

Rusa Seasonal Availability

If looking at a four species mid-winter hunt in New Zealand, a Rusa Stag is a great additional trophy to take alognside your Red Stag, Sika and Fallow. They rut in July and have a distinctive call, similar to a single Red roar.

US $4,000
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