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Capturing the memory of your deer hunt in Poronui

The main rut for Poronui deer species takes place between March and the end of May so in most cases successful hunters will have trophy mounts or expedited antlers and capes turning up in their home country sometime over the following twelve months. These are a welcome arrival as they will recreate in the hunter’s mind the exciting hunts that took place and the magnificence of the elusive animals that were stalked. 

A couple of men holding their deer trophy.

Hunting for ‘The One’: Trophy Selection

Every trophy stag or buck harvested at Poronui is at the discretion of the client. The hunter with guide input makes the final call on the trophies he sees. The yes or no final decision is a personal decision and often it just comes down to hunter appeal rather than size. It was ‘the one’ meaning it was the right stag or buck for him or her. Each client hopes that same appeal to be still there when the finished mount turns up at his or her doorstep. The hunt should come flooding back each time they look up at the trophy on the wall.

Stuffed Deer on Display with Green background.

The Big Three: Celebrating Hunting Success

Poronui staff enjoys receiving hunter e-mails whose attachments show their impressive trophies displayed on their walls. Many collections consist of the big three.
1) a magnificent red deer stag that matches the client wish list for the species
2) an even, eight or ten point sika head
3) a deep-palmed spotted or black fallow buck trophy.
Each makes for a stunning taxidermy mount. The red has bulk, the sika has balance, and the fallow has those unique moose-like antlers.

Deer Trophy Mounts.

Preserving The Moment: Quality Taxidermy

A quality taxidermy specimen is one that captures the spirit of the animal. Creating that special image is skilled art, hence the term ‘big game artistry’. I once read a statement made by a local taxidermist that said a quality taxidermist mount was one where all the small things were done well. The eyes, lips and ears are examples of this attention to detail. Left or right-turning shoulder mounts; roaring red stag shoulder mounts; pedestal mounts and full-body mounts are popular. Euro mounts are another option often taken by clients. Poronui uses experts to ensure either expediting or taxidermy goes smoothly.

Rusa Trophy of Deer

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