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Bow Hunting
Poronui is a New Zealand bow hunting outfitter

The thrill of bow hunting game animals at Poronui is unmatched.

Poronui’s varied landscape is made for bow hunting. Spot animals across open country, then stalk your way closer through scrub and forest, taking cover behind fallen branches and tall trees. Patience is key from both you and your guide. But when everything comes together and you’re in range with a clean shot — that’s when the magic happens.

Get your eye in and practice your yardage on the archery range before heading out into the game estate to stalk your trophy red, sika, fallow, or rusa deer with a bow.

The stealth and skill required to get within 30, 40, or 50 yards of a stag while bow hunting takes years of practice and determination, but bow hunting stags in the rut is one of the most exhilarating hunting experiences you can have.

What species can I hunt with a bow?

At Poronui you can hunt four of the North Island deer species with a bow and arrow. However, it must be said that the wily sika and the elusive fallow are challenging to get close to. A lot of the time skill and patience are needed to find yourself within range of these stags.

What type of bow can I hunt with?

A traditional recurve bow or a compound bow are acceptable to hunt with at Poronui. A permit isn’t currently required to import archery equipment for a guided hunt in New Zealand. You’re able to carry your bow as part of your luggage. Aim to shoot up to 50 yards with your bow.

When is the best time for bow hunting in New Zealand?

The best time to hunt Poronui with a bow is between March and the end of May. The stags are in full rut mode and have a different mindset. June and July can also be a very underrated time to hunt — this is when the bigger stags will mob back up together and start to stack on winter condition after not eating well throughout the rut. This presents a great opportunity to hunt bachelor groups of stags at all hours of the day.

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