New Zealand Chamois Hunting
The nimble-footed Chamois

The nimble-footed Chamois is right at home in the steep mountain slopes of Glazebrook Station in the South Island. Chamois just love the mix of rock, scrub and alpine grasses found through the higher altitudes here and herds exist in several catchments, providing superb hunting opportunities.

Chamois were introduced to New Zealand in 1907, a gift from Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria. The hook-like horns are a distinctive feature carried by both sexes. Horns over 8.5 inches are considered trophy quality. The colour of the coat varies from a brownish fawn in summer to almost black in winter. The thick black winter coat makes a magnificent trophy when mounted life-sized.

Chamois Seasonal Availability

While able to be hunted at any time of the year, hunting Chamois during the colder weather from April to September will ensure they have their thick dark winter coat.

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