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The Value Of Good Hunting Dog
– Hunting Experiences

The value of a good hunting dog was underlined one day last season when Poronui guide Dave Sharp and his vintage Hungarian Vizsla Gem were out with a client. Dave was with Poronui client John Roberts when they came upon a trophy stag. While we all like to see animals killed quickly and cleanly, every experienced hunter knows there are times when it just doesn’t work out that way. And this was one of those times.

John’s shot did not stop the stag. In fact, for a while they were unsure whether a hit had even occurred. Gem had other ideas though, and convinced Dave to look close to the river, where he found sign the stag had been hit. That started a tracking session of truly monumental proportions.

Gem followed the stag for more than two hours taking Dave and John 2.5 km before they caught up with the stag and John was able to secure his trophy. While Dave was aware of Gem’s abilities and experience, this performance exceeded anything he had come across. Not only did Gem follow a track with only limited visible sign, she avoided other deer they encountered on the way – and stuck to her guns even when the hunters felt she was going the wrong way. John was well aware that without Gem there was no way he would have taken home his trophy.

Awesome work Dave and Gem! Poronui hunters will be reassured to know that they have the back up of a good team of hunting dogs just in case.

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