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poronui hunting testimonial

Chad, USA, 2017

When I conveyed to you I was looking for a once in a lifetime trip for my sons I could not have imagined it would be as great as the one that all of you delivered!!

Everyone was great, the food was amazing, and the way everyone waited on us hand and foot was unlike anything I have experienced in all my travels! Mark was the best guide possible, the boys are still talking about how much fun they had spending time with him.

poronui hunting testimonial

Shelly and Judge William L. Knopf (Ret.), Louisville, KY, USA 2016

My wife, another couple, and I travelled from Kentucky, USA, to stay at the Poronui in New Zealand, the end of March, 2016. We selected that early Fall Season to witness the roaring of the Red Stags and to hunt. We had a fabulous five-night stay at Poronui. The beautiful 16,000 acre working ranch was plentiful with wild game. The accommodations were excellent, the food prepared by professional chefs was outstanding, and my wife enjoyed the spa and horseback riding. But, most importantly-- Mark our guide and professional hunter, Eve and Claire the lodge management, and all of the wait staff--were very competent, knowledgeable, friendly, and just great people. They work very hard to give you a great experience. We hope to have the opportunity to return. We give our highest recommendation without any reservation to this great place and its staff. Only one regret--we did not stay long enough! Shelly and Judge William L. Knopf (Ret.) Louisville, KY, USA

poronui hunting testimonial

Chris Dorsey, President Dorsey Productions, Denver, CO, 2016

After having produced more than 2,000 episodes of outdoor television from around the world, it’s with some perspective that I simply say that Poronui runs like a Swiss watch. I simply cannot imagine better property and hospitality management. From the incredible game and fish, inviting lodging, and impeccable cuisine, they’ve set the bar very, very high.

poronui hunting testimonial

Luke S, 2014

I shared the hunt of a lifetime with great friends in one of the most beautiful locations the world has to offer. Thanks Poronui, I’ll never forget my time spent with you.

poronui hunting testimonial

Jerry and Shelley W, Poronui, 2012

Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic!!! hunting and fishing experience Shelley and I had at Poronui Lodge. We would highly recommend your establishment to anyone and would like to thank you and your staff for one of the greatest experiences of my lifetime. Shelley and I have been fortunate enough to hunt and fish in several different countries over the course of the last twenty years. Africa, British Columbia etc and New Zealand and especially Poronui Lodge was by far our favorite destination. Your staff were so kind and the food and wines were exquisite. The guides Mark and Sean and others were very knowledgable and helped us find the trophies we were after. Thank You Steve and of course Eve for a wonderful trip.

poronui hunting testimonial

Pat S, Poronui, 2008 - 2013

In 2008, having had eight hunts for a trophy Sika stag over 40 years - in various places in the Sika range without ever shooting a decent 8 point trophy stag - I decided to book a hunt in the home of the Sika in New Zealand, Poronui. That has proven to be a wise decision as I have now had five hunts that have produced three great trophy Sika stags and countless photos of high quality wild Sika stags in the rut. Being a highly selective trophy hunter I have passed on shooting a stag on two of the five hunts, although the opportunities were there to shoot good trophies on every hunt. I am looking for a magical "200 DS" Sika stag or nothing now.

My first hunt with Neil Philpot guiding me on Poronui produced a Sika stag that scored 167 DS, my second trophy shot two years later scored 192 DS and the huge 9 point trophy stag I shot this last rut scored 193 DS. Both Neil Philpot and I saw what we consider to be a genuine 200 DS stag during the last hunt, however as always with the monsters the stag beat us. I shall return as I know he is out there! Spending at least a week in autumn for the last six years in the Poronui Safari Camp, being looked after like visiting royalty and sampling their Red Hut Red every evening, has been one of the highlights of my long hunting career. I shall return every year for as long as I am physically able and Poronui will have me!

poronui hunting testimonial

Rudy J, Poronui, 2010

In mid-April 2010, as part of a six week tour of New Zealand, my wife and I, along with another couple spent five superb days at Poronui Ranch on New Zealand’s North Island. This was the highlight of our trip. My wife described our stay as “five heavenly days eating and hunting in pure luxury where we met the nicest people and were served the best food in the most beautiful setting”. This was to be a hunting trip for both my wife and me. To conserve on luggage we only brought my wife’s 308 Winchester. On the first day we experienced uncorrectable problems with the scope on this rifle. Mark McGlashan, our guide, very kindly loaned us his 7mm mag. rifle. This rifle was, unfortunately, too large for my wife to effectively shoot so I became the only shooter. The game was plentiful and of excellent quality. We glassed, stalked and transversed Poronui’s diverse landscape and enjoyed every minute we were in the field. I am somewhat limited in mobility as result of two artificial knees and age, but Mark, an excellent guide, worked very well with my limitations and put me in front of some excellent animals (Sika, Rusa, Red and Fallow Deer) that now reside in my trophy room. I had intended to combine a little trout fishing with hunting. Unfortunately, due to very high water conditions that were not conducive to my artificial knees I was unable to take advantage of the fine fishing at Poronui. Our traveling companion did spend a day on the river and caught a number of very nice trout. I look forward to fishing on our next trip to Poronui. The country side and Lodge setting are magnificent and are well worth the visit in and of themselves. The accommodations were excellent, spacious and comfortable. A major strength of Poronui is the well managed, very competent and friendly staff that sees to every need of its guest. My wife and I have been very fortunate to visit and hunt multiple times on the African continent, to hunt big game in Argentina and in New Zealand as well as in the US West. We have stayed in wilderness camps and in very upscale lodges. Poronui ranks at the very top with an excellent rating, by us, in every category. It is a “must return to” travel destination for us.

poronui hunting testimonial

Tommy M, Poronui, 2011

Went to Poronui and all I can say is, it was top notch. The Stags were massive. I got a great 350 class stag and my father in law got a 430" stag. The rooms are great, the food is second to none. I only wish I could go back. Spent one day in wine country, that was a blast. I have never seen a place like this. The entire place is a post card. I flew from Atlanta GA so it was a long ride, but I would do it again tomorrow. Only wish I had went trout fishing. Mistake on my part. If you go make sure you try the Sika deer steaks! On a scale of 1-10 , really a 11. We left with 2 great stags, 2 great sika, a fallow, ram, and a life time of memories. Trip of a life time. Oh yeah get them to show you the Blake house and the wine cellar.

poronui hunting testimonial

Tony M, Poronui, 2012

We had the time of our lives at Poronui. From the world class cuisine to the incredible trophy hunting and side tours for the non-hunters, every detail of our stay was attended to by the incredible staff. The accommodations are first class and the surrounding country is spectacular. A trip to Poronui Lodge in New Zealand is a once in a life time experience. We have traveled all over the world, and Poronui ranks at the top of our list.

poronui hunting testimonial

Fudd Q, West Australia, Glazebrook, 2012

Hunting at Glazebrook was an experience that I’ll remember for a long time to come, the free range hunting was fantastic with the Red Stags, Fallow and pigs in abundance, the wild South Island scenery and cold mountain air gives you that sense of calm that only comes from being away from it all. The guides are very knowledgeable and certainly work hard to ensure you go home with the trophy you’re after, they can cater the hunting around you with a four wheeler allowing access to the higher tops on the station. This also allows you to make your hunts as easy or as hard as you like, because as spectacular as it is, the terrain is unforgiving to those that are physically challenged. Accommodation is very nice with plenty of hot water and heating to relax weary muscles after a day in the hills, which makes a welcome change from always having roughed it in a camp. The food served is enough to feed a small army and the service is second to none. I’d thoroughly recommend a hunt at Glazebrook to anyone and I for one will definitely be back to do it all again. Hot barrels

poronui hunting testimonial

George S, Gilroy CA, Poronui, 2012

Having recently taken 6 avid sportsmen and our wives to Poronui, it was truly amazing how perfectly everything was set up for our entire group. Poronui offers so much more than we ever imagined, from the great accommodations settled in an amazing scenic river setting, and exquisitely prepared meals, to the many other amenities offered on and off the property to accommodate the entire group during our stay. Our wives enjoyed everything from relaxing spa treatments & day trips to nearby towns to scenic nature hikes and a real taste of the beautiful New Zealand/Poronui experience. They all stayed busy and had a great time! Our Dinner in their incredible underground wine cellar will never be forgotten! As for us boys and the hunting, it was nonstop green hills and forest landscape, and the thrilling roar of the many Red Stags and calls of the Sika deer. We saw a multitude of animals on each game drive/hike, and all left with gold metal stags, trophy Sika deer, fantastic Fallow Deer, and a few other nice trophy animals. Steve Smith along with his guides, lodge staff, and chefs at Poronui went above and beyond to make our stay perfect in every way. This is a hunting/fishing/travel opportunity fit to please and thrill anyone, and just being at this amazing property is a treat in itself.”

poronui hunting testimonial

Dave D, Glazebrook, 2012

Glazebrook has that rare combination of the backblocks with the BIG country and the comfort of a great lodge at the end of a big day. It’s a unique place with fantastic hunting opportunities for those that want to put in the effort; you can be rewarded with a trophy to remember. With big pigs, big deer and some nice trout in the streams there’s a lot on your plate.

poronui hunting testimonial

James B, Glazebrook, 2012

Hunting at Glazebrook is truly an amazing experience. The terrain is challenging but incredibly spectacular and the quality and number of game is outstanding. There was never a dull moment with the professional guides filling every waking minute. The scenery at lodge at Glazebrook was amazing – there is nothing like coming back from a day’s hunting to a warm shower and a cracking a bottle of NZ Pinot! Glazebrook has so much to offer - you could spend a year there and uncover new things every day – you will not want to leave!

poronui hunting testimonial

Mark Van M, Queensland Australia, Glazebrook, 2012

Unique and unforgettable would best describe my Glazebrook hunting experience. Our hosts - although professional guides - were fellow hunters who knew exactly how to meet our expectations for our time there. The lodge had all the comforts required after a weary day exploring and stalking through the hills and valleys. I found the scenery breathtaking, from the hillside location of the lodge, to the upper reaches of the higher ridges, and the pristine fast flowing river system that divides the hills and valleys across the property. My eyes were fixed to my binoculars for a whole week, with the constant spotting of free ranging game of all descriptions. Our red stag trophies at the end of the hunt more than met our expectations and will guarantee fond memories of the our adventure for many years to come. I highly recommended a Glazebrook hunting and NZ wilderness experience, I am planning a return trip next year perhaps for a trophy Fallow this time!

poronui hunting testimonial

Bruce V, VA USA, Glazebrook, 2012

My cousin Gerry and I had a fantastic time hunting at Glazebrook that greatly exceeded our expectations. The stunning scenery, plentiful game, excellent guide, pleasant housekeeper/cook, very comfortable lodge, good food and smooth communications all made it a real joy to hunt in New Zealand. While the terrain was very challenging for a couple guys around 50 it was manageable, as we could make use of tracks that range over the property. We found the 23,000 acres at Glazebrook, which is surrounded by some 80,000 acres of public land, gave us plenty of room to hunt. The combination of open slopes mixed with pockets of scrub and some open flats along the Waihopia river were great for both keeping the game on the property and giving opportunities to spot and stalk game. Our guide Snow was a real pleasure to hunt with and was good at being able to gauge our abilities and structure the hunt accordingly, while also taking into account our thoughts. We were able to spot and stalk as well as set up on active slopes to get our deer. We also had a bit of luck in ambushing deer as we moved around. The property is managed so there is not too much hunting pressure - allowing for plenty of deer and some really great heads. We found excellent animals close by the lodge as well as farther away. The property also offers great potential to get both Red Stag and Fallow that my Cousin and I were keen to do. We caught the tail end of the Red’s roar and the peak of the Fallow croak which we found to be an excellent time if you are after both. The Red Stags we got far exceeded what we thought we might get from a free range hunt and the Fallow we got were very nice representative heads as well. There were also plenty of goats and geese and some wild boar for a bit of fun after we both got our deer. In short, Glazebrook is a beautiful mountainous valley property with excellent hunting that we thoroughly enjoyed. I am happy to act as a reference for any who are thinking of a free range hunt at Glazebrook.

poronui hunting testimonial

Gerald M, Glazebrook, 2012

My experience at Glazebrook was great from beginning to end. The property was huge, picturesque and loaded with wild game. The accommodations were 5 star all the way, and the cook, Nicolette, was great. Finally, Snow (our guide), really made the hunt. He was friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and just fun to be around. I am planning to come back again, and would like to bring along my son. My cousin, who also joined us on the hunt, is already talking about another hunt too.

poronui hunting testimonial

Joe M, Poronui, 2011, 2015

My wife Keri and I had a fantastic stay. We cannot say enough about the hunting, fishing, food/wine, and professional staff! Poronui is a true gem in New Zealand! Looking forward to a return trip.

poronui hunting testimonial

Carlos C and Brad H, Poronui, 2011

We enjoyed our hunt very much! The lodging and meals were beyond expectations. Our guide Mark was very adept at judging the size of the animals. He was very personable and very likeable. Poronui is very well managed. If a hunter wants a great hunt we recommend Poronui.


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