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2023 Hunting Show Season
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It’s show season – and it’s great to be back!

For some of the best New Zealand Red Stag hunting, visit the Poronui Hunting team in Dallas or Nashville.

Based on the North Island, Poronui is home to all the North Island deer species – Red Stags, Sika, Fallow and Rusa. Stalk through Poronui’s native beech forest and across scrub-covered hills, wade streams and crawl around fallen logs to get into the perfect position to take your shot at a bucket-list animal. The terrain is challenging but achievable and the hunt is always exciting.

Steve and Vicki will be at both shows ready to answer your questions and help plan your next hunt. If the very biggest red stags are on your list, come and view photos that have our team so excited.  Described by our head guide as the best he’s seen in the 15 years he’s been at Poronui, several are expected to top SCI700.

The 2023 rut is imminent (expected to start in mid-March) and it’s an exciting time of year. The Red roar is spine-tingling and it’s a great time to combine hunting with fishing for rainbow and brown trout in the remote mountain streams and rivers surrounding our property.

Past clients will be dropping by the booth and we welcome you to come and share hunting experiences with us.

Dallas Safari Club Convention 2023
Thursday 5th January to Sunday 8th January, 2023

Where: Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center – 650 S Griffin Street, Dallas

When: Open daily 9am to 5.30pm, except Sunday 9am to 3pm.

Booth: 2548

SCI Convention 2023 – Nashville
Wednesday 22 February to Saturday 25 February, 2023

Where: Music City Center – 201 Rep. John Lewis Way S, Nashville

When: Open 10am – 5pm Wednesday, and 9am – 5pm Thursday through Saturday

Booth: 2919

Can’t make it to the shows?

If you’re unable to attend the shows, here are a few links to recent blogs which cover some of the questions we’re most commonly asked.

What does a typical hunting day look like at Poronui?

What’s the terrain like?

How likely am I to take a trophy stag?

How do I get my trophy home?

Can I bowhunt at Poronui?

Our final word is from Matt, who booked at a previous show and visited us in 2019.  “I don’t have any tips…other than just do it – I highly recommend it!”  Read more here.

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