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It pays to be prepared!

At Poronui Hunting we want to make your stay with us as easy and pleasant as possible. It’s important you have the right clothing and equipment for the climate and the hunting terrain in New Zealand. You can also bring your own firearms and all the information you need is provided below.

What to Wear when Hunting in New Zealand

Four seasons in one day is a phrase that could have been made to describe New Zealand and remember the seasons are opposite those of the northern hemisphere. New Zealand is a small mountainous country whose climate is heavily influenced by maritime conditions. As a result, weather conditions can fluctuate significantly at any time of the year and it pays to be prepared.

A good windproof, water-proof shell layer is essential at any time. Layering for the conditions is preferable to wearing a heavily insulated coat as even in the middle of winter a warm day would make this unbearable on the hill. This allows you to be comfortable during the chill of an early morning frost and then strip a layer or two off later as temperatures rise. Camouflage patterned clothing is an advantage but not essential, though colours need to be dull greens, browns or olive if camouflage is not worn.

Solid footwear is important. Boots with good ankle support and a firm sole with good grip are very important particularly in the steeper conditions found in the South Island.

Other Useful Equipment

Most New Zealand hunting is spot and stalk. Good binoculars are essential for spotting animals with 10*40’s ideal. Expect to spend plenty of time looking through your binoculars while in New Zealand, so the better the optics the better! A spotting scope is ideal for judging trophies from a distance.


We recommend flat shooting calibres such as .300 Winchester magnum which will cope with the range of species and terrain found in New Zealand. While it is very easy to bring firearms into New Zealand we do provide a range of good quality firearms if you would rather travel light.

A Firearms Visitor’s Licence and import permit can be obtained at your port of entry to New Zealand. Please note that only sporting rifles may be brought into New Zealand for hunting. Military style firearms and pistols are not permitted. The application form is available online The permit costs NZ$25


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