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The Practice of Bowhunting at Poronui
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Bowhunting is the practice of hunting game animals by archery and what a practice it is. Practice, practice and practice some more, and then just a little bit more practice, then we can go hunting.

Whether it’s a traditional recurve bow or a compound bow, we all know that your 30, 40 and 50-yard shot groups don’t happen overnight. All that practice comes into play at that one moment…. Range, draw, steady, release.

Bow hunting stags in the rut is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have; whether you’re chasing squealing Sika, roaring Red stags or croaking Fallow bucks. It’s the biggest game of chess known to the hunter. The spot, stalk, closing the gap, making the call.

The best times to hunt Poronui with a bow is between March and the end of May. The stags are in full rut mode and have a different mind set which can sometimes lead them astray and at other times keep them hidden, never to be seen, only heard. June and July can also be a very underrated time to hunt, this is when the bigger stags will mob back up together and start to stack winter condition after not eating well throughout the rut. This presents a great opportunity to hunt bachelor groups of stags at all hours of the day.

Patience, this is required for both hunter and guide when bowhunting. Getting close is one thing but getting a clear shot with the animal in range and you not being spotted is something totally different. The guide needs to be willing to have those close calls. Poronui guides have the knowledge of the ‘where to’s’ and ‘why to’s’ which can make or break a bow hunt.

Poronui’s landscape is perfect for bow hunting, having plenty of open country to spot animals but enough cover in-between you and the animals that you can set up and stalk your way closer using small plots of scrub and some bigger lone standing trees, it’s the ultimate experience and test.

Come play chess at Poronui, bring your bow and your a-game and don’t forget to practice, practice and practice some more.

Happy hunting from Hunting Guide Marc Clinch and the rest of the Poronui team.

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