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Chance of Success?
– Hunting Experiences

It’s the question we hear from most of our hunters before they hunt with us – how likely are we to shoot a trophy stag?

The truth is there are no guarantees in hunting. A lot of things contribute to a successful hunt and they are not all controllable! What we can say is we manage our property for hunting, and you will have the best opportunity to achieve that trophy of a lifetime. To date, no one has gone home empty handed. Hunters will see good numbers of stags and have multiple opportunities to stalk great trophies. In the end though it is up to the hunter to both decide which stag they want to hunt – and then to shoot straight!

We understand that long after the hunt is over, the memories that go with the trophy on their wall are as much about the experience as they are the antlers. One thing we can guarantee is the Poronui experience. The combination of quality accommodation and food, friendly staff and an amazing environment to hunt in all contribute to that experience. There is a reason why many of our clients return to Poronui, often over many years – it’s a great place, and the stags are huge!


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