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Red Stag Antler Formations
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With the stags at Poronui now growing their new seasons antler it’s time to reflect on the varying shapes and sizes we will see the stags carrying as they develop their armour to hold the supreme position during the roar and fight off their rivals.

Our New Zealand Stags are generally recognised as the world’s best and come in all shapes and sizes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

A red stag to be a trophy of any note, should have the first three tynes on each side brow, bez, trez, or the first second and third then rising into the crowns of at least six points. This can constitute a classical silver class trophy stag provided it has an inside span in excess of 30 inches and main beams over 40 inches. This sort of trophy will generally weigh 16 to 20 lbs or 8 to 10 kgs.

Today’s gold and super gold medal stags carry tynes in excess of 30 points and the really big guys are unbelievable at over 60 points. The biggest of these trophies will weigh in excess of 40lbs or 20kgs. Their value is rated according to the SCI score [ USA ] and the CIC score [Europe]. Poronui stags are ready to hunt in late February and it is always good to hunt the big ones before the rut starts damaging their antler, they are ferocious fighters.

Drop tynes are often popular and gives another dimension from the classical style .

European hunters like to be sure that the antler is heavy as that is a key component of their measuring system [CIC]. Hunt with Poronui and you will see the very best.

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