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Poronui is renowned for its hunting and for good reason.

Sika deer were first released in New Zealand in 1905 at Merrylees clearing. Those initial animals have gone on to form the nucleus of a herd of sika that now spans much of the central high country of New Zealand’s north island. Poronui remains at the centre of that herd producing some magnificent trophies each season – particularly in recent years as new pasture on the farm has improved the diet of local deer as well as the cattle! To add to this, hunters now have opportunities to hunt magnificent red stags as well as cunning fallow bucks or secretive rusa stags.

Trophy Sika

While hunters visit Poronui to hunt, the varied and colourful history of the property adds to the unique experience. Much of this history is embodied in the Red Hut, Poronui’s iconic symbol and brand. Built out of native kauri hardwood the Red Hut was built to last. Originally built as overnight accommodation for rabbiters it has provided shelter to government hunters in the 1940’s and 1950’s as well as countless recreational hunters and shepherds. These days it serves as the base for an occasional picnic overlooking the Taharua River or even a wedding. The names carved in to the walls highlight the history and demonstrate the passion and sense of belonging its inhabitants have had for the property.

Iconic Red HutEngraved Walls

It’s been over 100 years since the first efforts were made to farm the harsh and challenging landscape with owners ranging from the Tuhoe Trust Board to the American ANZAMCO Company managed by W B Mendenhall, a successful businessman and prominent member of the Mormon Church. During the Anzamco era Poronui grew to prominence under its new name El Rancho Poronui!

There is no shortage of stories of stories emanating from the last 100 years or so. There is a common theme to most of them though – hunting and fishing – and that has not changed!

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