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The 2018 Season Is Set To Be A Stunner
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2018 is shaping up to be another great hunting season at Poronui. Lush vegetation and the prediction of a long hot summer means an extended and successful season is on the way, with conditions perfect for superb trophies.

A wet spring has meant exceptional pasture growth which has led to happy, healthy, huge stags.

Thanks to these delicious, green areas the game at Poronui have fallen victim to the classic eating fallacy of the festive season. They have been heads down, bottoms up in the vegetation around the manuka over the past month or so. Luckily for us all, this indulgence helps to promote antler growth, queue great trophies for the 2018 season!

Speaking of trophies, during a snowstorm in July of 2017 visiting journalist Greg Morton saw a fine Poronui red stag, described by him as one of the best estate red stags he’d ever seen. Luckily for the stag (and 2018 hunters) all Greg carried was a camera. The meeting was brief, and after one stunning photograph which shows the stag battling the elements they bade each other adieu.

He’s still out there.

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