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What Makes A Good Hunting Guide?
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This is a great question and after years writing fact file reports for The Hunting Report I can through experience give a pretty good answer. Sure, being a member of the NZPHGA provides a degree of client confidence and client protection if things go wrong but it’s only part of the answer. I think of a good guide as a people person, an experienced hunter, a skilled outdoors person, a safe person who backs off when things get hairy, an animal expert on at least one big game species, ethical in his or her hunting practices, someone who immediately walks to my pace because it is my hunt, a person able to body skin an animal and measure antlers on the hoof, someone with humour, and an advisory mentor when talking hunting tactics and stalks. Surprise: surprise most people I am talking about are also now friends for life as we just gelled.

A good guide knows this may be your ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. It is not his adventure and acts accordingly. That means he or she works for you, encourages you, and if successful is as elated as you, because in a way you have both succeeded as a team. The grins should be real. I have included a couple of photographs of top guides doing what top guides do. No names because top guides are unassuming. I struggled to find photographs because these guys want you in the pics not them.

It’s interesting that a fact I also rate highly, is that the guide needs to get to know the hunter, learn about his family, his values and his goals. I also believe that there should be ‘down times’ for both client and guide away from each other during the adventure. The guide is primarily a hunting guide and late nights don’t improve the hunting the next day. In short your guide is a bit like your favourite hunting uncle or auntie who if treated right, and you do what he or she tells you can teach you heaps and make your hunting dreams come true.

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