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Sika Deer
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Poronui, where Sika were first liberated in New Zealand. Today, through careful herd management, we have one of the finest free range herds in the country. A magnificent Sika (SCI 160) stag taken this year is testament to that.

Sika stags are exciting to hunt particularly during the rut. They are very vocal and respond to the guide or hunters’ call. This exchange between hunter and stag can go on repeatedly, holding the Stag’s attention as they dare to strut closer and closer. If nerve allows it gives the hunter time to evaluate their trophy quality.

I eventually took this free range Sika at Poronui five years ago in May after the rut had finished. A successful stalk on day four got me close enough to line up on this elusive prize.

Sika deer are part of the coveted South Pacific collection and in New Zealand can only be hunted in the North Island.

Like the Tahr and Chamois in the South Island, the Sika, Rusa and Sambar were also amongst the introduced species and this time to New Zealand’s North Island. Coming from the mid Asian countries the Sambar and Rusa in particular were ideally suited to the warmer climate of the North Island. All three species have found their preferred habitat and are thriving.

John Scurr

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