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My Poronui Hunting Experience, by Alex
– Hunting Experiences

I had heard about Poronui from my Poppop. My family had hunted in the area and had flown over Poronui Station with Helisika. My Poppop had long dreamed of staying there; and for his 80th Birthday we all came to stay.

As part of booking the trip, we discussed all the amazing experiences available and I was allowed to book a half day hunt. I did not know what to expect and was nervous. Although I had been hunting for pheasants, rabbits and possums; I had not ever stalked a large prey. Mark, the Head Poronui Hunting Guide came up to Blake House to meet me on our first evening. He seemed a quiet, genuine kiwi guy and explained his plan.

He collected my father and I on Sunday morning in his 4WD Ute. We parked the truck and tramped up the hill, Mark leading, me with Dad’s gun and then Dad. We saw a lot of stags. Mark got me into position for a Fallow hind, we lined up the standing shoot, peeking around a bush. I shot the deer in the upper shoulder. It took two steps and fell over. I went over to the animal and thanked it for giving its life.

Mark and I lifted the deer up to a small clearing where Mark showed me how to gut it out and make it into a back pack. Dad took some photos. Both Dad and Mark seemed proud and I felt great getting my first deer. A big thank you to Mark and Poronui for an amazing experience.


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