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Mark’s Memorable Hunt – Mr & Mrs Throckmorton
– Hunting Experiences

When we tasked Mark with talking about his most memorable hunts of the season, his face looked pained – he clearly struggled to narrow them down to just a few favourites…but I pressed on and the tales flowed…here’s one:

Mark guided bow hunters, Erin and his wife Joey Throckmorton. Erin was after a big red stag and accomplished his goal on the first day.

The next day was Joey’s turn for her Sika stag. It was a magic day – the Sika stags were roaring and Joey got so close to accomplishing her goal that first morning. “It was bad luck,” says Mark.

“After brunch we headed back out and hunted all day.”

“We started by heading to a high point on the property and glassing into Stag Gully a favourite haunt for Sika. One stag just continued to roar and roar, so we dug in for a hard stalk. After a solid two hours plus of stalking, we were really close. Joey was on a high, but we had to stay very quiet, so we wouldn’t spook him.”

“I called and the stag came really close – within about 5 yards…then he saw us! However luck was on our side and he bolted straight into another stag who was holding his territory. We saw the entire fight.”

“By this time it was late afternoon. I roared again and the fight broke up! Our original stag came right back again and stood there, in front of us – 5 yards away. But it was tight scrub, with no room to draw the bow. I handed Joey my rifle and she took the shot.”

“It was a huge hunt – really exciting – and I was rapt that she got her stag. Two excited hunters Erin with his Red the day before and Joey with her Sika.

“We had a huge hike out and toasted the stags that evening at the lodge.

Erin, from Craig Boddington captured footage of Joey’s Sika hunt.

View it here:

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