Hunting Tips From Mark McGlashan
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In March 2016 Greg Morton wrote a blog titled What Makes a Good Hunting Guide?

Greg’s words:
A good guide knows this may be your ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. It is not his adventure and acts accordingly. That means he or she works for you, encourages you, and if successful is as elated as you, because in a way you have both succeeded as a team.

Mark McGlashan, Head Hunting Guide at Poronui, is passionate about hunting and being part of that team. He shares some valuable tips:

— Optics: Good optics is money well spent
— Minimise noise: Wear quiet clothing, some Gortex gear can be noisy when stalking and even sitting and glassing
— Movement spooks: Make use of the natural cover when stalking and follow where your guide walks
— Calibre of rifle: Use calibre suited to your body size. It’s too easy to pull to one side if the calibre of the rifle is too big for your body size
— Take the guide’s advice on the shot placement

Come and hunt Poronui with Mark in 2017.

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