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Father And Son Hunts
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Do you spend enough quality time with your son?
Nothing beats sitting around the fire at Safari Camp, reliving the day’s adventures or discussing career plans for the future. Uninterrupted moments like these are precious and hard to find.

Rob Schrafft brought his youngest son Jayden to Poronui in 2014 and returned in 2015 with Jayden and Dee.


Jayden writes about his 2015 visit here:

All year I have been waiting to go to one of my favourite places in New Zealand, PORONUI.
It felt like it has taken forever to come around but it eventually arrived and once again I was so excited to hunt Sika and catch up with all my Poronui friends once again.
We started our trip with an awesome lunch and a catch up. Our lunch was delicious and without delay we headed off to set up camp. I rode shotgun with Andrew in his truck and Dad and my oldest brother Dee followed behind. We quickly set up camp and I made sure to get the same cabin as last year and then we headed off for our first hunt of the season with our super guide and good friend Andrew who always puts me on the Stags.
As the light began to fade the sound of stags roaring echoed through the valleys. I had never heard such a noise and stuck to Andrew like glue as at 10 years old I was not sure what to expect from these roars coming from the Manuka bush.
Andrew kept calling back to the Stags and teaching me the different calls (Andrew is fluent in Sika). I gave it a go and OMG stagzilla called back. We were on.
We tracked through the Manuka, over the ridge and there he was. Andrew informed me this was the stag we were tracking and with the fading light it was now or never.
Andrew got me into a good position and gave out an almighty roar and as the stag turned looking all angry I let him have it. He went straight down. We pulled the bolt out of the gun and walked over to him. What a beauty.
We had been so busy tracking him we forgot to bring a headlight and it was getting dark and we still had a carry ahead of us. Lucky my mate Andrew knows his way around here. What an awesome day and way to start my 2015 trip to Poronui.
Back at camp it was a hot shower to clean up, some awesome dinner and as I was made fire chief for the trip so I stoked up the fire and headed off to bed to dream of what tomorrow would bring. I was hoping it wouldn’t be as frosty as last year when even the eggs for breakfast were frozen!

Jayden Schrafft

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