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Born to it: Kate Bryant’s hunting story
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It was Kate Bryant’s dream to hunt before she could walk and talk. Kate’s the latest addition to the Poronui guide team, and she shares her story.

Poronui: Where are you from?

Kate: I was raised on a King Country sheep, beef, and deer farm.

When did you start hunting?

As soon as I could walk and talk I was pulling at dad’s coattail to take me with him when he went hunting. After chasing him around on smaller jaunts locally, he finally took me on a week-long fly-in trip to Oamaru when I was six. From then on, he couldn’t get out the door for another trip without my constant pestering.

What did you do before Poronui?

I was a guide for big game hunts in Northern British Columbia, and I did casual shepherding back home in the offseason.

What brought you to Poronui?

The prospect of being able to guide year-round in some of the most beautiful landscapes with some of the best hunting New Zealand has to offer.

What’s your favourite species to hunt?

It’s hard to narrow it down to just one, but I’m particularly fond of hunting the alpine species. There’s something captivating about being above the bush line where the views are further than the eye can see.

For me, the best part about being a hunting guide is…

Helping others achieve their aspirations. For some, it’s a lifelong dream, for others, it’s just the start of their hunting journey. Either way, it’s very rewarding knowing you’re helping facilitate that.

When I’m not hunting, I enjoy…

Anything outdoors with my family and friends, particularly saltwater fishing and diving, and any other sport that gets the blood pumping.

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