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Poronui Hunting offers superb trophy Red Stag hunting, along with Sika, Rusa, Sambar, Tahr, Chamois, Fallow Buck. You can also hunt Feral Goat, Arapawa ram and Wild Boars. These game animals are listed below, along with the locations they are available. For inquiries call us on +64 7 384 2080 or Email

Red Stag

Poronui offers the best trophy Red Stag hunting in New Zealand.


The spine-tingling roar of the rutting Red Stag is exciting hunting at its best. A Red Stag's large size and huge antlers give him immense presence and make Reds the most sought after species for hunters visiting New Zealand.

In Glazebrook Station fantastic free range hunting is available for stags ranging from good representative heads to outstanding trophies. Within the game estate the stags are even better providing a challenging hunt in the high mountain basins and slopes



Sika Stags are our speciality.


Poronui is where Sika deer were first liberated in New Zealand in the early 1900's. The property remains a stronghold for the breed, with arguably the best Sika hunting available anywhere in New Zealand.

Sika’s reputation of being among the most cunning of deer is well deserved. These stags exude attitude and the classic eight point trophy is a great reminder of your hunt.


Rusa have thrived on the mosaic of forest.


With keen senses and a cautious approach to life, the Rusa is seldom seen far from cover, particularly outside of early morning or late evening. A native of the Islands of Java, Rusa have thrived on the mosaic of forest, brush and grasslands found at Poronui. The distinctive trophy head with long even points is incredibly eye catching.

Our Rusa are demanding increased attention as hunters become aware of the quality of the Poronui herd. Allow a bit of extra time to hunt Rusa, as they rarely come easy.


A strikingly handsome large deer.


The Sambar is becoming increasingly popular with hunters.

Despite its very large size the Sambar is very secretive, and apart from early morning or late evening hides away in thick scrub or wetland vegetation.

Definitely one of the hardest New Zealand trophies to obtain but the large, heavy six point antlers are well worth the effort.


Bull Tahr is a challenging trophy to hunt.


The Tahr or Himalayan Mountain Goat has made the central Southern Alps its home since its introduction in the early 1900's. Renowned for their strength and stamina the Bull Tahr is a challenging trophy to hunt. Large bulls reach 300lbs in weight and are immensely powerful.

Hunts are carried out using spot and stalk techniques, glassing animals from a distance before stalking in on foot. Depending on client preference access can be by 4WD and walk or helicopter.


The nimble footed Chamois.


The nimble footed Chamois is right at home in the steep mountain slopes of Glazebrook Station in the South Island. Chamois just love the mix of rock, scrub and alpine grasses found through the higher altitudes here and herds exist in several catchments, providing superb hunting opportunities.

Chamois were introduced to New Zealand in 1907, a gift from Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria. The hook-like horns are a distinctive feature carried by both sexes. Horns over 8.5 inches are considered trophy quality. The colour of the coat varies from a brownish fawn in summer to almost black in winter. The thick black winter coat makes a magnificent trophy when mounted life-sized.

While able to be hunted at any time of the year, hunting Chamois during the colder weather from April to September will ensure they have their thick winter coat.

Fallow Buck

Fallow are a striking deer and exceptional trophy.


Characterised by broad palmated antlers, more in keeping with moose than the other deer species, Fallow are a striking deer and have flourished in New Zealand since introduced from Europe in 1864.

The Poronui Fallow herd originated from Danish stock producing exceptional trophy heads.

The mixed woodland and grassland found on Poronui is their preferred habitat and the herd has gone from strength to strength.

Fallow deer are also prolific throughout Glazebrook, and the free range animals provide good representative trophies.

Feral Goats

Good hunting experience on the steeper areas.


Feral goats abound on Poronui and Glazebrook and provide a good hunting experience on the steeper areas of the property that they tend to frequent. Goat hunting can provide an enjoyable way to spend a day after the main trophies have been secured. It is also an excellent species for new or younger hunters to develop their skills.

Arapawa Ram

Clean face and tightly curled fleece.


Available at Poronui only, the spiral horns of the Arapawa Ram coupled with the clean face and tightly curled fleece, make a great trophy. Brought by Captain James Cook from Spain on his 2nd voyage they take their name from Arapawa Island in the Marlborough Sounds - a location where they have been known for over 130 years.

Wild Pig

A real highlight of a hunting trip.


Wild pigs can be a real highlight of a hunting trip. Initially liberated by Captain Cook in 1773 the wild pig is now found through most of New Zealand. Large boars make great trophies while the opportunity to add wild pork to the menu is usually seized upon with relish. While many New Zealanders use dogs to hunt pigs, the wide open spaces of our Glazebrook property suit spot and stalk techniques.


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