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Rare Opportunity – SCI 700+
The Red Stag is the trophy of kings.

His significant size and huge antlers give him an imposing presence and makes him undeniably the most sought-after species for hunters visiting New Zealand.

And, this season Poronui offers something particularly unique for those hunters looking for the rarest of trophies – at least one red stag (including the one pictured) is predicted to top SCI 700+.

No two Red Stags are ever the same; each is different. With a very unique antler structure and incredible palmation, this Poronui big red is truly one out of the box. Head guide Mark McGlashan is excited by the stags he’s seeing, saying this year’s are the biggest and best he’s seen in his 12 years at Poronui.

Hunt Poronui’s varied landscape and secure a very unique Red Stag trophy this rut (mid-March to mid-April).

Whether you’re hunting with a group, a single buddy, or travelling with a non-hunting companion, contact us for a bespoke package.

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