Glazebrook Fallow
– Glazebrook

The distinctive croak of the Fallow Buck often gives away his location.

Glazebrook is the 25,000 acre South Island arm of the Poronui hunting experience. Located at the end of the Waihopai Valley in Marlborough it is high country hunting at its best. Clients have the opportunity to hunt on-site chamois buck, red stag, fallow buck, arapawa ram and feral billy goat and boar. The terrain is open, relatively steep and the main hunting technique is ‘spot and stalk’.

An earlier blog talked about the numerous wild boar that roam Glazebrook, but the focus this blog will be fallow buck. Fallow are secretive deer species that are best hunted by trophy hunters when the rut begins to kick into gear in April, though earlier March hunts are sometimes favoured because bucks have not yet damaged their antlers fighting.

Fallow deer on Glazebrook are primarily a free-range herd, a range of colours, and scattered along valleys either side of the Waihopai River. Guides are essential as they know where the individual satellite herds hang out year after year. Some areas are devoid of fallow while nearby valleys are full of them.

The peak of the rut is roughly mid-April through to the end, with April 21 selected as the date it will be pure bedlam in the hills. Red stag on Glazebrook rut earlier (late March start) and will be tailing off when the fallow are croaking their hearts out.

Trophy wise, the Glazebrook free-range herd produces some big heads but is better known for even, neat heads nicely stained red/brown from rubbing on trees. The hunting experience is unique because of the range of game species seen when hunting a fallow buck. Sightings of red stag, wild pig and hundreds of goats is a guarantee. One of the best places to glass from is the Lodge situated on a high promontory with views up and down valley. Clients and guides often spend a lot of the daylight hours driving tracks and glassing individual valleys as rutting fallow are quite visual when seeking does. Their distinctive croak often gives away their location.

Greg Morton

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