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Glazebrook Often Flies under the Radar

Glazebrook guests enjoyed some great hunting (as usual!) this season, so much so that many have booked to repeat the experience again next year. Eve caught up with Glazebrook guide, Snow Hewetson, to get his insights.

This week, I caught up with Snow Hewetson, who has been a hunting guide at Glazebrook for around 10 years. As Snow says “the knowledge that I - and the other Glazebrook guides - have gathered about the property over the years is key to knowing where the free-range stags are hiding at different times of the season. One of the real benefits of hunting at Glazebrook is that stags winter on the property. As the frosts settle-in they tend to move down off the higher slopes, not quite to the frosty flats, but instead to the sunnier north-facing slopes.”

It is these sunny northern slopes that Snow plans to head up in a couple of days’ time with the next hunting party.

It’s been a busy 2018 for the team and the success rate at Glazebrook has been high again this season. Snow believes the Fallow hunting is hard to beat down there at the moment, not just because of the quality of the trophy but the number of bucks seen each hunt. Check out this video recently taken of some Glazebrook bucks on the property. “Nothing like bucks croaking from different directions to get hunters excited.”

Glazebrook, once a well-kept secret that flew under the radar is now becoming ‘the place to go for keen Kiwi and Australian hunters… There are more steady repeats than ever before with many re-booking before they leave’. This means that availability is becoming scarce at this southern gem of a hunting property. However; Glazebrook is not for the faint-hearted, it is truly an authentic New Zealand high country hunting experience, with a few lodge comforts and genuine Kiwi hospitality thrown in.

When pressed about his highlight for the season, Snow recounted his hunt with a guest named Steve who uses a wheelchair but who didn’t let it confine him. ‘We set off in the Kubota. I knew roughly where the stags would come out in the evening and one spot, in particular, came to mind. We waited until this Red came over the ridge, it stood still up there and from 30 meters Steve took him. It doesn’t get much better than that.’ Snow (like many of the other guides) really enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with his clients. He gets great satisfaction from seeing a novice gain in confidence. His experiences as a father have also led him to highly rate spring hunts for families and Father/Child groups. The learning experience is invaluable and the trophy this time is venison for the BBQ.

Mark’s Memorable Moments – Timing is Everything!

It’s all about timing and a little bit of luck!

Headhunting guide, Mark McGlashan always has a great story to tell, and this one has happy endings all round.

‘April saw temperatures start to cool down to ‘normal’ levels and the animals became much more vocal. It was around this time that I took a guy out for a week who wanted a Red stag and a Fallow buck. He’d previously shot a Fallow in Texas and was very keen on getting a black or very dark brown one to add to his trophies.

We got a great Red early on but the Fallow proved to be more elusive. I had spotted one briefly at 420 yards a couple of days earlier, but there had been no sign of him since.

It was the hunter’s last morning and we had just headed to the top of the Front Basin to spot when one of the other guides radioed that he’d seen a black Fallow on the opposite side of the property. We raced over but by the time we got there, he’d disappeared. Gutted!

It was 8.25am and pressure was on as the hunter needed to be back by 9am for a wine tour with his wife. Talk about down to the wire - 5 minutes to go and the clock was ticking and that’s when we saw him! There was no hesitation…and he dropped him!

Back to the Lodge, a quick change and off to Hawkes Bay for the wine tour. Talk about timing and luck!’

Want to create your own hunting memories with the help of our head guide, Mark McGlashan? Enquire now.


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